First Taste Of Light Roast

Continuing the story, coffee has evolved from its simpler, less precise days. Nowadays, coffee aficionados are creating intricate dragon latte art and discussing the science of roasting coffee with data curves. The idea that there is always room for improvement has taken hold, and pushing boundaries has become the norm. However, during the earlier days, people still preferred darker roasts.

After my time in Hong Kong, I moved to Canada to continue my studies. My background in chemistry led me to focus on this subject, but I despised the constant exams and studying throughout my degree. To take a break, I embarked on a journey to hunt for the perfect cup of coffee whenever I had free time. It was surprising to find a good number of third-wave coffee shops in Canada. I had thought that Tim Hortons and Starbucks had taken over America before I came here.

About seven years ago, people still favored darker roasts. It was in Tokyo where I had my first taste of good light roast coffee. Whenever I travel, I do not plan where to go. I either rent a car or wander around to explore the place. I chanced upon a famous Japanese café called Onibus Coffee, known for its unique design coffee cups and clean, minimalistic interiors. I ordered a latte and was surprised to taste peach. I asked the baristas what they added to the coffee, but they said it was the natural taste of the bean. It was then that I learned that bringing out the true flavor of the bean was the hardest part of being a barista. That experience was my introduction to light roast coffee.

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